EL Wire

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(one colour per wire)
Dimensions:2.3mm diameter, varies lengths


EL Wire

Whether you are looking to make a Glow Man Costume, light up your cars dashboard or make your Desktop PC look even better for your next LAN, EL Wire is an awesome product.
Our EL wire comes in a variety of colours and lengths. We also have El Wire Inverters available which power the wire from two AA Batteries.

EL Wire is like a long glow stick that is powered by batteries, through an 'Inverter'.
The inverter is a separate product (get one here), however you will typically need one inverter for each piece of EL wire you want to power (unless you want to do some wiring yourself and hook up several wires in parallel from the single inverter). The inverter has multiple modes like always-on, slow flash, fast flash and off.
The diameter of the EL wire is 2.3mm

Note: You also need an inverter to power the wire, we sell them separately!

Awesome video of this product being used for a stage production:

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