EL Wire

12V Inverter for EL Wire - Power from your car / PC!
Our 12V Inverters are powerful little beasts. They can power up to 15m ...
Our Price: $11.49 NZD
EL Tail Wire (2m)
This is great to light up your cars dashboard, highlight round lights ...
Colours :
Our Price: $13.79 NZD
EL Wire
Whether you are looking to make a Glow Man Costume, light up your cars ...
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Our Price: $6.60 NZD
EL Wire Inverter (2 x AA Batteries Included)
EL Wire requires a power source in order to turn on. If you are wantin ...
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Our Price: $4.50 NZD
El Wire Splitter (3 way)
Looking for a way to add more colours to your costume without increasi ...
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Our Price: $2.99 NZD
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Information about EL Wire

EL Wire is like a long glow stick that is powered by batteries, through an 'Inverter'.

El Wire is very flexible, light weight and extremely bright. It is reusable (just replace inverter batteries) and can be easily integrated into costumes, car lighting and other decorations.

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