Glow Sunglasses (Individually Wrapped)

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$2.29 NZD
5+ $2.40 NZD
10+ $2.28 NZD
30+ $2.04 NZD

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(one colour per glasses)
Dimensions:15cm wide, 13cm long arms
Packaging:30pcs/foil bag


Glow Glasses have become a huge seller at raves and other events. Summadayze gave away thousands of these for promotional reasons in 2011 and again in 2012.

Each glow glasses pack contains 2x 5mm Glow Bracelets + Connectors to turn them into Glow Glasses. The Glow Bracelets are held inside a strong protective casing to prevent them from being broken / snapped before they are to be used. The connectors are reusable so if you purchase additional 5mm Glow Bracelets you can make more Glow Glasses for less cost.

Perfect for shop sale, or giving away at events. If you want to make a large number of Glow Glasses without the individual wrapping / foil bags, checkout our 5mm Accessories Pack.

Available in selectable colours, Assorted Pack contains 6 of each colour (Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange).

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