Fundraising Information for Schools

We tailor our products specifically for users wishing to fundraise. Glow Sticks provide an easy method of generating additional funds at your next School Disco, Camp, or other Night-time event. Unlike other fundraising products such as sunscreen and chocolate, Glow Sticks are easy to sell and offer huge profit margins. For instance, if you purchase 100 of our Assorted Glow Bracelets (5mm Thick) for just $0.13 each, then sell them at your event for $1.00, your profit % is nearly 800%. Even if you sell 2 for $1, you are looking at just under 400% profit, which equates to $37 profit on a $13 item.

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In a survey performed throughout 2008 of over 50 Primary Schools, we found out the following facts:

  • 20% of schools were unable to sell more than 1 glow stick per student attending.
  • 55% were able to sell between 1 and 2 glow sticks per student attending.
  • 25% of schools were able to sell over 2 glow sticks per student attending, this did not appear to relate to school decile.
  • Of those listed above, 80% sold glow sticks from a stall at the disco, 20% embedded the cost of a glow stick into the ticket cost and handed them out as the students entered.
  • Generally, schools who profited the most from Glow Stick sales offered bulk prices, ie: 1 for $1 or 3 for $2.
  • Notifying the students of glow stick sales prior to the event had significant positive impact on the number of glow sticks sold. Of those schools which sold less than 1 glow stick per person, 50% did not tell the students prior to the event that glow sticks would be available.
  • Our most popular fundraising products are: Assorted Glow Bracelets (5mm Thick) and Assorted Finger Lights.

Our Most Popular Fundraising Products Are:
Assorted Glowstick Bracelets (5mm Thick) Assorted Finger Lights, Bulk Wrapped. A favourite with Fundraisers

We have complete faith in our products being a success at your event, so we offer a return policy in which we will happily refund any returned glow sticks! (see Shipping & Returns Page for more information). Plus, we offer Schools and Registered Clubs the ability to Pay on Invoice. Simply select that as your payment method when you checkout and we will get the items away to you asap.

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