Finger Light, Assorted - BULK - 100pcs/bag

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(one colour per finger light)

Finger lights are amazing little devices, they are battery powered LED's which slip onto your fingers using rubber rings.
They run for around 2 hours with the included batteries (which can be replaced), are incredibly bright (can be used as mini-tourches) and are awesome fun!
You may have seen these elsewhere for around $1-$2 each. As Glow Sticks LTD target products at fundraising, we had to work hard to drop the price down to just 40c each (or less). These can be sold at events for between $1 and $2 each (you'll find most people will want to purchase all 4 colours). A profit margin of over 200%!
See the video below!

These finger lights come packaged in bags of 100. If you require less, see our other products for Finger Lights in bags of 4.
In each bag of 100 there is 25 of each colour.

Update: GlowSticks LTD are constantly monitoring the success of our products (and customer feedback) and we believe that the failure rate of these is approximately 5% due to either faulty switches, or less than an hour of operation. For this reason we are now sending an extra 9 finger lights with every 100. For instance, if you order 200, you'll recieve 218.

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