Assorted Glow Bracelets (5mm Thick)

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(one colour per bracelet)

NEW! 2 Free Glow Ball Connectors are now included with every 100 5mm Assorted Bracelets. See images below!

Assorted Glowstick Bracelets, 100 Per Tube, Connectors included.
This is by far our most popular product, the super low price and ease of sale make them unbeatable!
Glow Sticks LTD frequently sell to schools and kindergartens. Selling glow sticks at a school disco is a great way to fundraise. Generally you can sell these for $1 each, which is over 500% profit.

Each pack contains various amounts of the following 5 colours (one colour per stick):
Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange.
100 Glow sticks total in a pack, with the connectors so you can make them into bracelets, or join them together to make necklaces.
Single-Colour Glowstick Bracelets typically glow for around 2-4hrs at Full intensity, glowing for around 8-12 hours in total.

Note: Due to packaging 100 Glowsticks/Tube, order sizes must be a multipule of 100, ie: 100, 500, 7400 etc.
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